How difficult must be to predict the future. If only I could do such a thing but I am not a god. Nowadays I feel more like a stranger even between my family members. In Greece we say that  it is impossible to choose your relatives whereas your friends. That said you must accept them even if you do not like them or worse stand them. I am deeply sorry if my English is not good enough to describe what I am feeling right now, but I am very disappointed. Disappointment however can lead to sadness and sadness can lead to anger. Yes, I am angry because I couldn’t see it coming. I was naive and stupid to think that people can prove you wrong. Sometimes even your own blood can let you down.




To my mind, love is unconditional and without limits. It is not necessary to say the right words to be approved or to do the right things to be accepted. You just are approved, you just are accepted and you are, because you are loved by your own people. In my case, I found out that this is not the way a very close person to me is. I know I am not the only one but sometimes it is important to express our feelings in order to stop carrying all these things that make us feel sad. So I am deeply sorry if I bother you with my thoughts, it is just easier for me to deal with my personal demons when I share them with others. Thanks for your understanding.



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